How Much Does it Cost to Create an Android App?

Cellphones have come far in the past decade, and so have their software. From the dumbphones of yore to the latest feature-filled smartphones, all operating systems offer plenty of apps to appeal to their customers. One of the main advantages of this boom in smartphones has been the accessibility they offer. They link the ordinary phone user directly to a business. If you are thinking of taking your business service to the next level and connecting with your audience, creating an Android app may be your answer! But how to go about the app-building process? Will creating an Android app be worth your time? Does the cost of android app development is affordable?

Not all apps are created equal, and different companies have diverse requirements. This, in turn, translates to fluctuating costs. To give you an idea, Uber obtained $200K as a start-up fund, while Instagram, the popular photo-sharing app, received $500K for development.

It sounds costly, doesn’t it? However, that cost of Android app development justifies itself when you tally the hours in app development, testing, and upkeep required for an app that will be (hopefully) used by an increasing number of users if it gains popularity.

What Affects the Cost?

Creating an Android app with appeal and function takes a lot of work. You need to hire an experienced team worth the cost of app development that you can rely on. The following factors are important when it comes to calculating the cost of Android app development:

  • Functional complexity and features
  • Local app development team vs. Outsourcing
  • App design
  • Backend infrastructure and administration
  • Support/app maintenance costs

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Furthermore, it is important to take costs of unexpected fluctuations in account that may arise while creating an android app. While planning the budget, be sure to make room for such ups and downs! An app development team can give you a good estimate of the cost.

The cost of Android app development for a typical mid-range app starts from $37, 913, and climbs up to $171,450 (Clutch Survery, 2015) and beyond depending on how multifaceted your project requirements are. You can hire an android app developer for an hourly basis, and the charges per hour will differ depending on the country.

To make your dream app into a reality, you need to plan your app down to the last detail, perform market research, design mockups, plan the UI design, Once you know what your app will look like and what it will do, you can cultivate a landing page and begin the app development process. Then upon successful completion of the app, you promote and launch it on Play Store and keep up with maintenance.

Levels of functionality and development time

Creating an android app can seem daunting at first, but it will be easier when you keep a clear goal in mind of what your app aims to do, its complexity and the target users’ ability to navigate it.

Keep in mind the app-building efforts and time needed to work out the design and its optimization, which is necessary for a bug-free app.

Simple-Level Functionality:

Very basic apps will be simple in function. 2-4 months of app development. Total ~$12,500 – $27, 000

Medium-Level Complexity:

With more bells and whistles. 5-9 months of app development. Total cost $32,000 – $48,000.

High-Level Functionality:

Complex in design, requiring more maintenance and support. Over 10+ months of app development time. Total cost exceeding $52,000.

App Content

The cost of Android app development also depends on what type of content your app will present, and the direction the app-building will go in. Is your app a simple presentation of data, also known as a table-based app? A dynamic app, which retrieves information from external resources with APIs and is tougher to develop?

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Perhaps you have a database app in mind, which is also very complex, processing and displaying data in a visually pleasing way with connections to all sorts of online resources. If you are thinking of creating a gaming app, it has the highest cost since it requires a lot of customization in design, interface, media elements, and of course graphics and animations.

All these elements should play nice with mobile phone hardware as well, and so a lot of attention to details is needed. This, in turn, influences the budget for the cost of Android app development.

Whatever you decide, some common elements in all these apps are:

  • Login pages and user profiles
  • Notifications
  • Social media linking
  • Help and customer support
  • Payment options

All these need to be secure and add to the cost of Android app development.

Visual Design: Looks Matter

Your app could be the most useful, but is aesthetically pleasing? Can your customers navigate it efficiently? Creating an android app is more than just code. A unique interface coupled with an attractive design can get pricey, depending on the elements you include such as the inclusion of themes, icons, effects, dark/light modes, and more.

App Maintenance and Support

Once your app is ready, you can test it to work out the kinks, which can help estimate the cost of app development in the future and further maintenance. This is a continuous process as Android OS updates and elements break due to incompatibility.

Up to 20% of the app-building cost makes up maintenance, and costs increase after the app is released as new features need adding, code requires optimization, bugs pop up, or app becomes unstable.

Revenue Generation

Creating an Android app is a huge investment. For the success of your app, keep in mind what business model you would like to choose for it. Your app can be free of cost or have a pro/premium version with more features. You can also simply make a full-featured app and make it available for a price, as a paid app.

Two more options are to have in-app purchases or to support your app by featuring advertising. If you opt for the latter, go for unobtrusive advertisements that do not distract from the general user experience.

Deploying Your Android App on Google Play

Once your app is ready, unleash it on the internet! You can make it available on Google Play store for a one-time fee of $25, set the price of the app and select what regions you want it to be accessible in.

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