Hurry Up! These Paid Games are Free For a Limited Time During Coronavirus Pandemic


Staying inside your home and isolate during this coronavirus pandemic is not easy and comfortable for most of us. It is important to keep yourself busy with some tasks and get some entertainment to avoid stress. In this grief situation, mobile game developers have stepped in to help. Many game developers have made their games free for a limited time to provide some fun and entertainment during this difficult time.

So far, it has been quite a rolling process. As such, not all of the games will be free at the same time, and not all games will return to their original prices at the same time, either. We’re sure we’ll see new games pop up as developers follow one another’s lead, so make sure to check back for all the latest free titles.

Bubble shooter from BazilSoft is now free for a limited time. iOS

  • A Case of Distrust

This game from The Wandering Ben is free this week. iOS

  • Dig Deep

Dig Deep from Noodlecake Studios is giving away this amazing game for free. Android | iOS

  • Evelyn’s Farm

Evelyn’s Farm from James Senter’s is temporarily free.  iOS/Android

  • Impossible Road

This game free for 1-2 weeks— iOS

  • IQ Test Pro Edition

IQ test Pro by Santiago Romani Castroman is now free for a limited time. — iOS/Android

  • King of Kung fu

Developer Xiaoyi Zhang has made its famous kung fu game free until the next decision. — iOS/Android

  • Mini Metro

Mini Metro by Dinosaur Polo Club has made this famous game for a limited time. — iOS/Android

  • Normal Club

Normal Club by Philip Armstrong is free until the next decision. — iOS

  • PAKO

This car chase simulator game is free for an undisclosed amount of time. Android | iOS

  • Prune

This amazing game by Joel McDonald is free for a limited time. iOS/Android.

  • Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP

This adventure game by Capybara Games Inc. is free until the next decision. Android | iOS

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If you are tired of small screen mobile games, here is the solution. These two mega computer games are free for a limited time. Enjoy a bigger screen with rich, deeper experience.

  • Figment

A mesmerizing action-adventure game that normally sells for $20. Figment is an action-adventure game that invites you to explore a unique fictional universe filled with adventure, humor and multi-layered narrative. It’s free on the Epic Games website. You just need to make a free account on epic games and install their game launcher. Claim this game before April 2, 2020, and keep enjoying forever!

  • World War Z

World War Z is an amazing action-adventure third-person shooter game comprises of four-players. You and your companion’s mission is to eliminate a massive swarm of human zombies. Claim this game before April 2, 2020, and enjoy forever.

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