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Are you a newbie content writer who wants to get noticed in the online world as a writer? Are you an entry-level freelance writer who wants to show his writing portfolio to clients to win projects on freelancing websites like Fiverr, Upwork, Truelancer, Freelancer.com but don’t have your own portfolio website where you can show your published articles? Do you want to publish your articles on different blogs but gets rejected?

We at How To Galaxy want to welcome all the writers (Newbie as well as experienced) to write guest posts on How To Galaxy.

How To Galaxy is a brand new premier blog which is currently focusing on Technology niche and consists of the following categories:

  1. How To Tips
    • Computer and Internet: (How-to articles, Tutorials, Troubleshooting guides, or Tips and tricks related to Computers, Windows 10, Internet, MacOS)
    • Mobiles: (How-to articles, Tutorials, Troubleshooting guides or Tips and tricks related to Mobiles (Android or iPhone)
    • MS Office: (How-to articles, Tutorials, Troubleshooting guides or Tips and tricks related to MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint)


For Newbie Writers

If you are a newbie writer, writing for How To Galaxy could be a Kick-starter for your writing career. All the authors get full credit for their posts. An author’s bio at the end of your post will be displayed. You will be featured as an author on our separate Authors Page where we will list all the authors who contribute to the blog. To get featured on the list you must have at least 10 posts published on How To Galaxy.

For Bloggers

For experienced writers/bloggers who have their own blogs or websites, they will get plenty of exposure in terms of Do-Follow Backlink to their blog or website. One backlink is allowed in each post.

Post Submission Requirements

We know that new writers don’t have much experience in writing and they want a chance to start their career. That’s why we have kept our submission requirements quite simple and with little effort, every writer could get his post accepted for publication. We expect well written and quality content related to the topics mentioned above.

We are here to provide you with that chance to boost your writing career. Your posts might be amended or edited to maintain content quality. These are the least requirement that must be fulfilled before the submission:

  1. The post must be at least 700 words long and maximum up to 1500 words.
  2. It is better to start the title with “How to” or with a digit e.g “How to create a board on Pinterest”, 10 secrets of Android phone you don’t know about, etc.
  3. Only Valid, working and ethical tips are tricks are allowed. Posts on topics like “How to read your friend’s Whatsapp messages” will not be approved. No one should have the right to violate someone’s privacy and we should not spread such hacks and tricks that could damage someone’s privacy matters.
  4. The post must be unique, well researched, and free from plagiarism.
  5. At least 2 focus keywords must be used in the post. The keywords should be used 6-12 times in an article of 600-1500 words.
  6. The post should be free from grammatical errors.
  7. You can submit the post in .txt (Notepad) format only.
  8. Provide a brief author bio along with your photo. We will include your author bio at the end of the post to give you full credit for your work. If you are not comfortable with your photo, don’t worry. It’s optional. But author bio is mandatory.

Due to the large volume of posts, it could take 3-5 working days to process and publish your posts.

Please send your post on h.esteem2019@gmail.com