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We are always looking for talented writers who are passionate about technology and love sharing their knowledge with others. Whether you’re a seasoned tech expert or a newcomer to the field, we want to hear from you. Our blog features a range of topics including tutorials, troubleshooting guides, laptop and smartphone reviews, and comparisons. By contributing to HowToGalaxy, you’ll have the opportunity to showcase your writing skills and share your expertise with our community of tech enthusiasts. We are open to both guest posts and contributions.

Currently, we are only accepting informational articles i.e How-to posts, Tutorials, Troubleshooting guides, or Tips and tricks related to Computers/laptops, Windows 10, Android phones, iPhones, and macOS)

General Guidelines For Guest Posts and Contributions

We charge a small fee for Guest Posts while Contributions are free. For contributions, you have to propose 3-5 keywords having a monthly search volume of at least 500 and keyword difficulty between 0-10 according to Ahrefs. For guest posts, however, only a decent search volume is required and there is no need to do keyword difficulty research. Below are the general guidelines for guest posts and contributions. We will provide detailed guidelines once we approve your proposed topic.

  1. First, pitch 3-5 proposed topics and their keywords so that we can decide the best among them. You can send your pitch here. Don’t worry, our response time is quite fast! You will get the response within 24 hours.
  2. The keyword must have a decent search volume and be valuable to the readers.
  3. When writing the article, see the search intent and write according to it. For this, search the keyword in Google and see what results are showing and what information they have included in their articles.
  4. The post must be original, high-quality, and not published on our blog before.
  5. You can include 1-2 outbound links in your article. Only include links to authentic sources, research articles, and authority blogs/websites. Links to PBNs and spammy websites will be removed. Also, you can not add affiliate links in the posts.
  6. We will review the article upon submission and reserve the right to edit it or send it for revision.
  7. Provide a brief author bio along with your photo in case you are writing a guest post. We will include your author bio at the end of the post and give full credit for your work. For contributions, however, you don’t need to send the author bio.
  8. It could take 5-7 working days to process and publish your posts.