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How to Fix Android Phone Battery Draining Problems

fix battery drain problem on android

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Android phones just keep getting better and better with time. With all their cool features, we turn to our phones for both work and play. But naturally, phones run out of juice eventually. No problem though – you can simply charge it. However, when you experience battery drain on Android phones way too much, you definitely need to check what’s going on. Your average Android battery has a certain lifespan, and battery capacities vary across handsets. Sometimes the problem of the Android phone battery draining shows up after a few months of use, or sooner in case of damage or defective battery.

The phone battery draining issue depends on your use of the phone and how much power its processes require. So if you would like to conserve battery on your Android, here’s what you should do!

Quick Tips

If you’re stuck with an Android phone battery draining and can’t get your hands on a charger, try these quick tips to maximize the remaining battery life:

  • Dim your phone’s brightness, and switch to a dark theme if available.
  • Turn on power-saving mode, although phones automatically turn it on when a limited amount of battery remains.
  • Turn off notifications. You can enable “Do Not Disturb mode” for this purpose.
  • Don’t need to take calls or receive messages? Switch to Airplane Mode to avoid further battery drain on Android.
  • Having too many apps open at once drains causes battery drain on Android as well. Swipe (or tap on the corresponding button/screen area) to Task View, and individually close the extra apps. You can tap “Clear All” to close all open apps at once.
  • Using a browser? Limit how many tabs you have opened.
  • Switch off location tracking, Bluetooth, mobile data, or Wi-Fi if possible. Swipe down from the top of the screen to access them from the quick settings tray to limit the Android phone battery draining.
  • Ensure your phone is running at an adequate temperature. Overheating or excessive cold can damage the phone’s battery and result in the battery drain on Android phones.

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Long-term Solutions For Preventing Battery Drain On Android

Solution 1: Update And Manage Your Apps

Developers send out updates for their apps every so often. It is always a good idea to download them. While often marked as bug fixes, most updates help improve memory and the battery life of your phone.

If you lack the space for updates, try to update those apps you use daily. Turn off automatic updates in the Google Play store so you can choose individual updates according to your convenience. Go through the app’s settings and check for any settings that require power. These can include waking up the screen, frequent reminders and push notifications, periodic synchronization, and more. Most apps offer options to limit or turn off these features.

Next, it’s always good practice to root out and get rid of junk apps on your phone. It happens to the best of us – you downloaded an app and forgot about it. If it isn’t something you would use regularly, uninstall it.

Toggle off the unnecessary background apps list in your phone settings. These are usually found in Applications in the Application Manager section, or the battery-related settings depending upon your handset and Android version. You can also see how much battery an app consumes, usually in the Settings in the Battery section.

Another method to reduce the Android phone battery draining is to switch to the ad-free version of an app if possible. Even if the ads are unobtrusive, they suck up power as they run and refresh. Paying for your favorite app’s premium version also supports developers – it’s a win for everyone!

Solution 2: Go Easy On The Customization

Android has all those cool customization options we all love to tinker with. But do you need a live home screen, a daily wallpaper changer, animated widgets, and all those fancy launchers? Sometimes, less is more – your phone doesn’t need to suffer for the sake of aesthetics, especially if your handset lacks the power to support all the bits and bobs of customization. Yes, that includes widgets as well, since they need to update and synchronize information.

Keep only the most important ones and get a more clutter-free home screen, and therefore, better battery life. To remove a widget, tap, and press on it, then drag it to the remove/trash area on the screen. Try using wallpaper with darker or black-toned shades, especially with AMOLED displays. The screen only lights up the colored pixels, while black sections remain off, thus reduces the Android phone battery draining.

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Solution 3: Use Cleaning/Optimization Apps

These apps help to clean junk and unnecessary files and folders that both use space and also put the burden on the battery as well as slow down your phone. Now, which cleaning/optimization app to choose? There are a lot of optimization apps on play store among which many are just useless. I highly recommend CCleaner as I personally use it. It is a lightweight app that intelligently cleans all the junk from the phone. You have the option which file to keep and which to delete.

Solution 4: Optimize Screen Settings

With screens getting larger, lighting up those pixels takes power! Dive into the display settings for your handset, and see what features you can play with to reduce battery drain on Android. Some changes to make include dimming the screen, enabling Night Mode (or Dark Mode), disabling haptic feedback, and so on.

Newer Android handsets come with more features, such as an option to prevent accidental touches waking up the phone. Users who spend a lot of time in the sun can reduce the screen timeout so it turns off after inactivity. If you stay indoors, consider turning off Adaptive Brightness and manually changing it to a suitable level.

Solution 5: Check For Hardware Problems

It happens to the best of us – sometimes you just get a defective phone unit or a bad battery that needs replacing. Or the phone suffers damage like a bent battery connector or a spill, leading to the Android phone battery draining. In such cases, take your device to technical support personnel, or a phone service center, especially if the battery cannot be removed.

Solution 6: Use Your Phone Wisely

Well, think about it – how much do you use your phone? Do you play games often, or have long conversations with your contacts? Do you watch lots of videos, keep Wi-Fi and Bluetooth On all the time uselessly, mindlessly scroll through social media, or keep checking for notifications? Some phone-related activities are unavoidable – staying in touch with your loved ones is important too. However, consider toning down your phone usage if you are frequently having to charge your device.

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