9 Dangerous Android Apps You Need to Delete

dangerous android apps

In this article, we are going to present a list of nine dangerous Android apps you need to delete immediately. If you have not installed them, make sure to stay away from them. Google Play is a great marketplace for mobile app developers to sell their apps out there but unfortunately, not all of them have the best intentions.

Many apps collect data from your phone intending to share your personal information and steal money from your bank accounts. Hundreds of apps are introduced daily on the app store and Google or Apple can’t guarantee the safety of these apps. So you need to take care of your smartphone yourself and stay away from the apps we have recorded in this malicious android apps list.

Dangerous Apps List

The dangerous apps list below contains 9 entries. These may be apps you may come across in Google Play. We hope you don’t have any of them on your phone right now.

#9 Unknown Antivirus Apps

The mobile antivirus industry started to gain fame when hackers started to hack phones and steal sensitive data. The evil thinker hackers even found opportunities within the antivirus programs idea and they start creating their mobile antivirus programs that can access personal data like messages, photos, and videos and even block the phone.

The advertisements that are displayed by these antivirus apps take the user to malicious websites. This is why we have placed them on this dangerous app list.

When the user opens these websites, infected files are downloaded on their phone but that’s not the end. The worst thing they can do is to subscribe you to different paid services, and you will be astonished at where your money has gone.

#8 Optimizer Apps

Optimizer apps are another type of dangerous Android app you need to delete from your phone. Many phone optimizer apps claim to enhance the amount of RAM on your smartphone. They can only free the memory by clearing the temporary cache.

But remember, your phone can do this on its own, and one thing you should need to know is that no app can increase the amount of RAM that your phone originally has. These apps mostly use the phone’s resources and collect your personal data.

#7 Weather Apps

You might be wondering why we placed Weather apps in this malicious android apps list. Yes, weather apps are very popular these days. But most of the apps from unknown resources contained dangerous viruses and built-in Trojans that collect data from the user’s phone.

There was a case where 5000 people downloaded a weather app. Their data was sent to hackers who are interested in their credit card information. Although the app was showing the weather forecast, it also tracked their typing which allowed the hackers to bypass two-step verification and get access to sensitive banking information.  

Now, most smartphones have built-in weather apps from trustworthy sources. So nobody needs to download them anymore.


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#6 Funny Apps

There are thousands of apps like a lie detectors, face recognition, fingerprint recognition, age finder, fortune tellers, or the apps that tell whom you love the most, etc……… Stay away from these apps.

They’re created just for fun. These apps drain your mobile’s battery and they don’t deserve to access your messages, contacts, or gallery. So these are a type of dangerous Android apps you need to delete from your phone.

#5 Third-Party Browsers

The next place on this dangerous app list is third-party browsers. Browsers with features like video streaming and gaming come into this category. Two main types of issues are associated with these apps. First, they show ridiculous ads that are not only annoying but they make your phone slow.  And secondly, these browsers require access to key parts of your phone’s system. They even collect information about your chatting and can trace calls.

Browsers like UC Browser claims to compress and save a lot of data. 


This browser also tracks your searches, IMSI, IMEI, Android ID, and other information and processes all your data without any encryption.

Are you confused??? Ok. You just need to understand that using this browser is extremely unsafe and that’s why it is included in our list of dangerous apps.

#4 Audio Players

As the name suggests, these apps let you listen to audio files. Why do you need to install these third-party apps when there is a built-in audio app already installed? These apps consume a lot of data and occupy space.

They also show annoying ads and drain your mobile’s battery. This is why we have placed them on the list of dangerous apps.

#3 Defragment Apps

The third place on this malicious android apps list is “Defragment Apps”, which are the hot apps these days. They are similar to the defragmenting software for computers. But, a smartphone doesn’t need these defragment apps as there is no hard drive on your mobile.

They can only analyze the space occupied by the apps that are installed on your smartphone. The main purpose of these apps is to show the annoying ads which you don’t want to see.

#2 Wi-Fi Booster Apps

Why have we placed Wi-Fi booster apps on this dangerous apps list? To install these apps, you have to provide these apps access to your Wi-Fi username and password and online activity.

If you don’t want to give access to some unknown third-party app to take full control over your Wi-Fi and online data, then don’t install these apps.

#1 Battery Saver Apps

Battery saver apps are number 1 on the list of malicious apps. There are thousands of apps claiming to enhance battery by optimizing your mobile’s settings. In reality, no app can enhance your mobile battery or optimize user settings.

The mobile manufacturers already spent months of research to build a user-friendly device that is already optimized. What they can do is show a series of ads that appear everywhere on your mobile’s screen.

We are sure you now have a better understanding of dangerous Android apps you need to delete. Now you can comment below if you have found or downloaded any malicious android app other than those mentioned in the above list.

Now you can comment below if you have any of these unsafe/dangerous android apps on your smartphone and whether you’re going to uninstall them or not.

Note: Does this article provide the info you’re looking for? Is there any information you think of missing or incorrect? You can give your opinion in the comments section below.

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