Dell Troubleshooting: How to Run ePSA Pre-boot System Assessment Test


If your Dell system is doing strange things, not booting or frequently shutting down it could be because of a hardware failure. Dell has developed its own built-in Diagnostics test which we will show you how to run on your own. The enhanced pre-boot system assessment called ePSA is a built-in diagnostic for most Dell systems. It tests the system’s hardware and provides detailed information and error codes about issues found. So let start the tutorial.

How to Run the ePSA Pre-boot System Assessment Test

  1. Turn ON your computer and press F12 multiple times at the Dell logo screen. Then choose Diagnostics from the boot menu for Dell Tablets.

  2. Power ON the system and press and holds the volume up button before the Dell logo appears in the boot menu. Navigate with the volume up button to diagnostics and confirm the selection with the volume down button.

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  3. Next, you will see a basic screen with some information about your system. You will also see a button to start all available hardware tests for your system. In the advanced screen, you will see even more information. There is an event log where you can find all previous errors and a system health overview with the current status of certain components.

  4. You can also find an overview of the configuration of the system. On the left panel, there are all available tests that you can run individually. You can choose which tests you want to run in the Advanced Options by hitting the F2 key or clicking on the link at the bottom right.

  5. By default, all the tests are chosen. When you click on Start, the tests will begin. You should hear a beep if an error is found or if any input is needed. The error message provides a brief description of the error, which component was the cause as well as your service tag and an error validation.

    If any replacement is necessary, you can also scan the shown QR code. This will direct you to the Dell home page where you can get additional information about the error and the steps to follow to resolve it after clicking the exit button in the ePSA.
  6. You will be prompted to save the test results to a USB key. Saving your test results will help provide a log to the Dell technical support engineers for further troubleshooting and resolution. That’s how you can run Dell ePSA pre-boot system assessment test.

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