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15 must have android apps

  1. Icon Pack Studio

    Icons are like artwork for your phone. In case you are looking to spice it up or simply want a minimalistic aesthetic, Icon Pack is here to save the day! Make your own cool icon pack the way you like easily, and it will work with almost all launchers. Pick the right shape, add strokes, and alter the size, colors, and effects.

  2. Nova Launcher

    Although it is one of the most famous launchers, Nova Launcher seems to get better and better with each update and deserves a place on this list for the sheer amount of features it offers. You can set various icon themes; add scrolling effects; customize the icon layout; play around with the home screen and app drawer set up, and more.

    With premium, you can add gestures, badges for unread notifications for apps, and actions for swiping icons. Back it all up and save your settings, and you are all set for the perfect user interface!

  3. KWGT Kustom Widget Maker

    Thinking of making your own widgets? KWGT Kustom Widget Maker is the perfect app for customizing widgets! With it, you can create a selection of widgets such as analog and digital clocks, astronomy-themed widgets, battery meters, live-changing image widgets, and all you can think of. There is also a bustling customizing community for KWGT that develops all sorts of widget packs at Reddit if you run out of ideas.

    Budget/Finances Apps

    Is wallet feeling leaner than usual? A budget-focused app can help you track expenses and save you money in the end! These are especially helpful if you do a lot of credit/debit card-based shopping.

  4. Goodbudget

    Digitize your finances with Goodbudget! Here, you can split your money into virtual “envelopes” for different uses such as Transportation, Groceries, Entertainment, and other things you need to budget for. Transactions are recorded as you do them, and you get to see how much is left behind.

    The remaining cash can be included in a different envelope if you like. With the free version, you get debt tracking and 10 “regular” and “annual” envelopes each, with the option of synchronizing between two devices.

  5. Monefy Money Manager

    Easy to set up and use, Monefy has a great interface that makes it easy to track your daily expenditures with a couple of taps. You can enter expenses manually, see where your money goes, and track credit card payments as well!

  6. Mint: Budget, Bills, & Finance Tracker

    Mint is great for managing multiple financial accounts, and you can categorize your spending and budgets, especially monthly payments. You are notified if you go over your budget, which is particularly useful for planning.

    Productivity Apps

    There are tons of apps that help you work more efficiently, whether you are at work or play. Customizing your life and getting things done with these must-have apps is easy!

  7. Adobe Lightroom

    If you are a photography wiz or simply love sharing images on social media, Adobe Lightroom can help take your pictures to the next level with easy editing straight from your phone. Featuring a nifty built-in pro camera, Lightroom serves as a complete package for your photography!

  8. SwiftKey – Free

    SwiftKey Keyboard is one of the best keyboards available in the Google Play store. Known for its powerful predictive engine, save strokes, and complete sentences with minimum fuss. SwiftKey includes gesture typing, supports multiple languages, and synchronizes data over multiple devices as well. Customizing your keyboard is easy as pie, so it has functionality and looks!

  9. Office Lens

    Microsoft’s Office Lens is a great app for digitizing visual media. Take photos of documents, boards, magazine articles, etc. and the app converts them into editable text. You can save your converted text as Word or PPTs, as well as PDFs.

  10. Merriam-Webster Dictionary

    Whether we are in school or in an office, a good vocabulary makes for a great impression on paper and in person as well. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary app is more than a dictionary – take fun vocabulary quizzes, use voice search, listen to word pronunciations and learn new words every day!

  11. ActionDash: Digital Wellbeing & Screen Time helper

    Worry about wasting time with your phone? Action Dash shows you precisely how you spend time on your phone. Cut down on excess screen time and work more efficiently with ActionDash!

  12. Daylio: Diary, Journal, Mood Tracker

    If writing a daily diary is not your thing, simply track your feelings with Daylio and record your activities and goals. With enough time, you can step back and see how your moods vary and your activities progress!

  13. Google Keep

    A sweet but simple app from Google. Google Keep is where you can make lists, set reminders, record and write notes, scribble small drawings, and much more to keep your day in order. Like Google’s other basic offerings, Keep can synchronize over all of your devices.

  14. Slack – Free

    If you are on a project with many collaborators, Slack is one of the best apps to get your team connected. You can call and message through Slack, and it integrates with services like Google Drive, Dropbox, and more. Organize by topics or themes, limit project access to the relevant person, share documents and edit them – Slack will help keep everyone on track!

  15. Sleep as Android

    Sleepless nights can leave a person unable to focus on work. Sleep as Android is one of the most popular sleep tracker apps and has a plethora of features like tracking sleep cycles, recording snoring/talking, sleep-aiding tones, alarm clocks with captchas, and more! You can also link the app to wearable devices like Mi Bands for accurate tracking.

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