How to Get Level Up In Tarisland? All Ways and Options

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When World of Warcraft left the Chinese MMO RPG market, Tarisland immediately rushed to its place. It is a project from the Tencent company, which is gaining stages of development and offers players 30 levels. With a developed quest and grind system, the opportunity to go to dungeons and raids, master the system professions, and play one of the classes, they have two development options.

Ways to Level Up Fast In Tarisland

Following are some proven ways to level up fast in Tarisland:

  1. Completing quests
  2. Grind
  3. Clearing out dungeons and raiding bosses
  4. Boosting

1. Completing Quests

The storyline is just the beginning in Tarisland. At the same time this is the fastest way to gain levels. Also, it is ideal to study the history of the world and gain experience, gold, various resources, and items of equipment.

These are a series of quests that begin one after another and teach the basic game mechanics and ways to control and develop your hero, and not just Tarisland boosting.

Story quests are the most profitable in terms of experience. With quests, you can always get additional methods and sources of boosting.

Select secondary tasks, which overcrowd all major cities. You should be careful of using every profitable task to your advantage.

Just read the description, look at the rewards, and study the locations to determine their benefits.

You need all the tasks that you can complete in the same locations as the major story quests. They will allow you to get as much cheap boosting in Tarisland as possible.

Particularly profitable will be tasks without an ultimate goal and a final quantity. These are quests in which the reward is given depending on the number of quest items that you can bring.

Often such quests bring either relatively unlimited experience or gold and can be perfectly combined with grinding. They will give you an almost endless boost to Tarisland up to level 30.

Note: To level up your hero, you can combine quests, grinding, storming raids and dungeons, or follow the link – and order a full boost of your character to level 30, or to any other value you need from all guarantees and opportunities to return money.

2. Grind

Choose hunting if you like the uncontrolled destruction of monsters, provided that they suit your level.

The quality of the grind will depend on your class, chosen location, type of leveling, and other factors.

If you are an attacking class, then look for those locations where you can implement your strengths advantageously:

  1. For magicians and warriors, these are clusters of enemies without a speed advantage.
  2. For archers, these are single targets, and so on.
  3. The task is a little more difficult for support because your damage does not allow you to turn the hunt into a full-fledged grind. So focus on searching, or creating a group for the hunt.
  4. Combine a tank to collect and hold monsters. A healer and a bard to strengthen the group, heal and resurrect if necessary, and attack classes with massive damage to effectively destroy enemies.

3. Clearing Out Dungeons and Raid Bosses

Utilize distinctive hunting areas for engaging in battles against formidable bosses known as reinforced monsters. These adversaries possess elevated defense, attack, and health attributes, alongside distinct skills capable of jeopardizing the success of your entire raid, necessitating utmost caution during encounters.

If you destroy such a boss, you can get unique equipment, or a weapon with a random chance of success. It all depends on the drop list and overall luck.

You will need a good fire team if you want to complete the entire raid.

Unlike grinding, you do not need mass heroes. But rather strong single-damage specialists, such as a hunter with rage activation, an archer, and so on.

If you manage to win the raid, you can get a substantial increase in leveling in Tarisland and valuable rewards. Among these rewards may be unique items that cannot be obtained through any other means.

Dungeons are similar to raids in their gameplay and are available to all classes.

This is a system for entering a temporary zone for the sake of hunting and destroying difficult monsters for the sake of rewards and leveling up your hero.

4. Boosting

If you want to significantly simplify your gameplay, remove routine from your leveling, and focus on the main type of content – PVP and preparing and accumulating resources for future updates, which will be implemented in Tarisland gradually.

You can get help in getting any level in Tarisland – at least the maximum 30, at least any other value that you require.

You must transfer your character account to a professional Skycoach service for the transaction process to begin.

This is necessary so that the client himself and other circumstances cannot influence the speed and quality of services, and Skycoach provides the task for which he risks his name and issues guarantees, including financial ones.

Boosting occurs using a legal method without the use of third-party programs, automation tools, and gameplay simulators.

As a bonus, all equipment, weapons, gold, and resources that you obtain during the service will be left to the character as a gift for choosing the Skycoach service as the main booster.

When the transaction is completed, you will receive a notification and will be able to check the result be sure to change your password to maintain the security of your account.

The boosting process itself is safe in the face of the game administration, but you should observe some precautions:

  1. Firstly, you should not experience a sharp increase in activity when logging into the same account from a different address, and to avert suspicion you need to use a high-quality VPN, which is why Skycoach relies on reliable auxiliary services.
  2. In all other respects, the boosting process is quite safe, simply because the game administration is in no hurry to punish players for providing an account to another player, but if you contact the GM with a problem about something missing, no one will resolve this issue, because you voluntarily passed on their information to another player.

By the way, in requests, you should never mention that someone else knows your account, even if this is not true.

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