How to Send Location on Android

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If you’re planning a fun get-together with colleagues or close friends, it would certainly help to share the exact location of your meeting venue. Thanks to technology, people can conveniently send location pins via online mapping services such as Google Maps to aid in navigation. In this article, we will discuss how to send locations on Android for free.

Can You Share Your Location on Android Phones?

Sharing your exact coordinates on Android is possible if you’re using all the right tools. Gladly, you don’t need any technical expertise or prior experience to complete this process successfully. You don’t need any keylogger app for Android to find the location of the other person. Let’s now talk about a few ways in which you can share your location as well as find the other person’s location.

1. Location Sharing on Google Maps

The best way to share your whereabouts is by using Google Maps, a highly accurate navigation app that comes pre-installed on all Android phones. This app allows you to send your live location to all your selected contacts either permanently or for a given period.

If you choose to share your live location on Google Maps, other individuals will view your exact town, street address, and coordinates on a map. They’ll also view your phone’s battery percentage, which helps them figure out why you’re not responding to messages or picking up calls.

Follow these instructions to start sharing your location using this app:

  1. Launch Google Maps on your Android device.
  2. Click on your profile photo, which is located in the top-right section.
  3. Tap Location Sharing and click on the blue button labeled Share Location.
  4. Choose how long you’d like to share your location. The time length varies from 15 minutes to 24 hours. Alternatively, you could decide to permanently share a location until you turn this option off.
  5. Select the people you’d like to send your location to. Click on More to see everyone on your contact list, then choose your preferred recipients.
  6. Once you’re done, those individuals will start viewing your real-time location. You can stop sharing your location at any time by tapping Stop.

How to Share Your Trip Progress?

So, can Androids share location with a high degree of accuracy? They certainly can, especially if you’re using Google Maps. This tool even lets you share your trip progress so that your loved ones can know your ETA. It’s such a useful feature if you’re constantly making short commutes.

Here’s how you can share your trip progress using Google Maps:

  1. On your phone, open Google Maps.
  2. Choose your preferred destination and select driving guidance.
  3. Click on the remaining driving time and select the option labeled Share trip progress.
  4. Choose the contacts you wish to send the trip progress to. You can even generate a tracking link by clicking the icons at the screen’s bottom section.

Use WhatsApp for Location Sharing

Did you know that WhatsApp allows users to share their location for a limited time? This messenger app is quite accessible and operates across multiple platforms, making it convenient to use. However, both parties need to have WhatsApp installed on their Android devices.

Here’s how you can share your location via WhatsApp:

  1. Launch WhatsApp on your phone and click on the contact you want to share locations with.
  2. On the bottom left section of your chat window, tap the paperclip icon and choose Location.
  3. Before sending your live/current location, select how long you’d like to be tracked. The options include 15 minutes, 1 hour, and 8 hours.
  4. Wait for WhatsApp to refresh its live location. The recipient will now view your phone’s coordinates in real time until the allocated time lapses or you click on stop sharing.

Google Messages

Can you share location on Android just by sending a message? A simpler technique you can utilize to share your current location is Google Messages. This popular messaging tool allows you to share locations with anyone without needing to install any particular software. However, this solution doesn’t support real-time location tracking.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Click on Google Messages and start a new conversation with your loved one.
  2. Tap the plus (+) button that’s located at the screen’s bottom-left section and click Location.
  3. Choose your favorite option from the list to share your current location with your recipient.
  4. They will receive a link showing your current coordinates on Google Maps. However, anyone who receives your tracking link will not get any updates if you decide to change locations.


Tracking another person’s location can come in handy if you’re looking to protect them from unprecedented harm. By checking their whereabouts throughout the day, you’re able to discover whether they’re at school or work during the appropriate hours. When followed to the letter, the tips elucidated above should help you share your location on Android.

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