What Is Not Considered a “Source” in Google Analytics by Default?

Image showing traffic graph in Google Analytics

By default, Email is not considered a “source” in Google Analytics.

This is because email lacks the necessary referral information required by Google Analytics to trace where the visitors come from.

Whenever a visitor clicks a link in an email, the email client does not provide tracking information to the website. This makes it difficult for Google Analytics to pinpoint the source of the visit. Furthermore, most email clients use encryption, which complicates tracking attempts even more.

Google Analytics is unable to attribute traffic to a single source without referral information. Google Analytics counts search engines, social media, referral websites, direct traffic, and paid advertising as “sources” because it can trace traffic coming from these mediums.

However, this does not mean that website owners cannot track the impact of email on their websites. By using unique tracking links, UTM parameters, or email marketing tools that integrate with Google Analytics, website owners can get a better understanding of the role that email plays in their overall website traffic.

In conclusion, Google Analytics doesn’t consider it a “source” due to the lack of tracking information and encryption.

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