All You Need To Know About Data Recovery

If you own a computer or laptop, there is a probability that you may experience the hard drive failure. The reasons may vary from person to person. Accidental deletion of important files, damage from water, hard drive power failure or damage caused by some virus or malware, etc. In many cases, data recovery is possible. If you continuously heard a scratching sound in your hard drive, you can use data recovery software to recover the files.

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Importance of Data Recovery

If you experience the data loss due to aperture arm failure in the hard drive or any damage in the platters, then it might be possible that you are unable to recover the data by using the software. In these cases, you might need to go to a data recovery technician.

No matter what the size of the hard disk is, you can recover the lost data. You can recover the lost data even if you delete the file from the recycle bin. The data that has been lost somewhere on the disk can be recovered as well.

Data hijacked or encrypted by ransomware (A type of malware) can also be recoverable in some cases. Actually, the ransomware could not encrypt your original files. It creates the encrypted copies of your files while deleted the original files.

You can retrieve those deleted files but you need to go to a data recovery technician. In case the ransomware deleted and then overwrite your files many times, then it might be impossible to recover the data and you might need to pay ransom to get back the copies of the original files created by the ransomware.

Data can be recovered from any operating system whether it is Windows or Mac and from any hard disk format or filling structure including NTFS and FAT32.

If you have multiple hard drives in your computer, RAID configuration can also be retrieved. If a single hard drive on the RAID configuration fails, the RAID setup will blot up the damage and there will be no data loss.

On the contrary, if the whole RAID configuration damages, the problem would be much severe.  Whenever this happens, you’ll need to go to the data recovery expert for further assistance.

VIP Tip to Avoid Data Loss

The one and the most important tip to avoid data loss; always back up your data to cloud storage, a backup hard drive or USB disk. Although with the help of the latest technologies, tools, and software, you can retrieve the lost data efficiently, prevention is better than cure!

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Limitations of data recovery

Although, with the latest techniques and tools, data recovery is possible. But there are situations in which the lost data is irrecoverable. Some of those scenarios are:

  • Severely damaged storage device with acid, alkali or any other corrosive liquid.
  • Data has been overwritten many times.
  • Data over-written by some deadly virus or Trojan.
  • Very old deleted file.
  • The stored location has been missing or cannot be located by the recovery program.
  • Storage device with the damaged magnetic area (a magnetic area is a place on the drive where the file is actually stored).


It is a recommendation that you should not apply unnecessary attempts to retrieve the lost data. If you’re a computer beginner or not that much technical, you can still perform data recovery using data recovery software which often comes with step by step guide. Or, go and check for data recovery experts available online.

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