Top 30 Most Useful Websites to Visit Daily

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The internet of today has so much to offer everyone, from the layperson to the expert. You might have wondered about what useful websites you missed in the boundless stretches of the internet. There are thousands of helpful websites but wander no more! We have collected some of the best websites to visit daily.

1.      WolframAlpha

WolframAlpha is undoubtedly the most useful website on the web. Here, you can find answers to more complicated questions in topics ranging from science and technology to math and routine life. You can find the step-by-step solutions to any mathematics problem! Whether it is simple or complicated. This is one of the best websites to visit daily.

2.      The Power of PowerPoint

Going for that perfect PPT? Get that perfect aesthetic with POPP’s amazing templates.

3.      Project Gutenberg

This is one of the helpful websites you need to know about if you are a fan of reading. Find tons of digital books from the public domain on Project Gutenberg. And best of all, you can choose from a variety of formats.

4.      Quizlet

This is one of the best websites for enjoyable learning! Create fun digital flashcards and test yourself for learning tough materials. Save and share these cards with others as well, and play games to learn more.

5.      Lumosity

Train your brain with Lumosity and destress, improve your focus and memory!

6.      Cold Turkey

If you need to finish that important assignment and find the internet too distracting, no worries. Block all unnecessary websites with Cold Turkey. No more agonizing over how much you procrastinate online!

7.      Mendeley

Make referencing a little less painful with Mendeley, which manages citations and provides a search function for academic papers and other tools.

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8.      Codecademy

One of the useful websites to learn about coding, Codecademy offers coding lessons for about 12 coding languages. Develop your skills or brush up on them with Codecademy.

9.      Supercook

Can’t figure out what to cook? Simply enter what ingredients you have in your kitchen and Supercook discovers recipes from cooking websites that incorporate them.

10.  DeepL

This is one of the best websites for translating large swathes of text. DeepL supports translation between Spanish, English, French, Polish, German, Dutch, and Italian.

11.  PaperRater

If you are a student or someone who works with content, this one will prove to be a helpful website for you. You can proofread your articles or papers with this convenient tool, which checks for grammar mistakes, plagiarism, and more.

12.  Unsplash

Get beautiful licensed images for free here!

13.  Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is home to tons of books, music, books, and much, much more. It also hosts The Internet Arcade for old games and the WayBack Machine for archiving.

14.  FlexClip

Flexclip is an online video maker and video editor. It is an easy-to-use professional video maker and you don’t need to be an expert video editor to use it. Whether you want to make a promo video, a youtube intro video, invitation video, trailer video, it has tons of pre-made video templates that you can use.

15.  Exceljet

Do you work with Excel every day? Then this is one of the best websites to visit daily. Exceljet is home to resources that will help you become proficient with this program.

16.  Down for Everyone or Just Me

Have problems with a website not loading? Here you can check whether the issue is on their end or yours.

17.  Udemy

Udemy is a champion in the world of free online courses! Get enrolled in thousands of free online courses on Udemy. There are courses in almost all subjects that you can imagine. This is one of the helpful websites you need to know about.

18.  Coolmath

If you despise mathematics, this is your second chance to learn to like it – or at least tolerate it. Coolmath guides users through the intricacies of math for all ages. Learn about topics such as pre-calculus, algebra, pre-algebra, and more with the help of lessons and games.

19.  Have I Been Pwned?

Exactly what it says on the tin! We all are in the habit of signing up for random newsletters and registering for apps and websites. From time to time, many companies have had their security compromised and data breached, exposing your data to hackers. With Have I Been Pwned, you can check if your email was involved in any such breach. It is one of the most helpful websites since not all companies are forthcoming with security breaks. You can also check if your password was in any preceding breaches.

20.  Font Squirrel

Tired of scouring the internet for legal fonts? Font Squirrel to the rescue! Here you can find licensed free fonts to cover all your font-related wishes. This is one of the helpful websites for graphic designers – or anyone who likes a bit of flair in their documents.

21.  PortableApps

Take your preferred software wherever you go with PortableApps! Install your apps online in a cloud-based space (or a portable storage device) and sync them between other computers. Easily install, update, and back up everything you need for your computer with the full-featured PortableApps system.

22.  Coolors

Put together the coolest color palettes with Coolors! This is one of the most useful websites to know about graphic designers. The website generates sets of matching colors and is especially handy for website and app design. Lock in the colors you like, adjust saturation and hues and even knock up color palettes for individuals with color blindness.

23.  SmallPDF

This is one of the most useful websites to know about if you manage documents. SmallPDF bundles dozens of PDF-related services into one. This includes compressing PDFs, converting them to other formats, adding electronic signatures, and protecting PDFs among others. You name it, they probably offer it!

24.  Open Culture

Enrich your cultural side with this website! Here, you can watch your way through documentaries, classic movies, performances, etc. – all for free. There are also educational courses, books, lectures, language resources, and more. This website is a resourceful website for media students, art historians, and anyone interested in culture in general. This is one of the best websites to visit daily.

25.  KhanAcademy

Khan Academy humbly provides free courses, practice questions, educational videos, and more for learning outside your classroom. Whether you want a refresher for the basics or want to help your child out with their homework, this is a goldmine!

26.  Send Files Securely 

Need to send a file to an unfamiliar contact, but don’t want to use your email address? This is where Send Files Securely comes in. Simply upload your file (maximum 150 MB for free) and send the generated link to the receiver. There is also a paid version, allowing for larger file sizes and longer file retention.

27.  Slader

Slader has all the answers! Well, most of them. This website is home to the solutions for selected textbooks in plenty of subjects.

28.  On the Hub

This is one of the most useful websites for students. Student life gets expensive at times, particularly when it comes to academic tools. At On the Hub, you can get the software from Adobe, Microsoft, SPSS, and more – either free or at heavily reduced prices! What’s the catch? This is for registered students and faculty at a high school, college, or university.

29.  Debatepedia

Need to prepare for a debate, or want to back up your arguments on an online discussion? Like the behemoth that is Wikipedia, Debatepedia collects referenced arguments for and against selected topics. Hit up this website for all your debating needs!

30.  RhymeZone

This website is a boon for writers. Simply enter any term you need a rhyming match for, and the website provides lots of them. Besides rhyming words, RhymeZone also finds adjectives, synonyms, and more.

This is our list of the 30 most helpful websites you need to know about. Some of them may not be the best websites to visit daily, but they are very useful in different tasks.

31. Veed

As an innovative online video editor, VEED empowers users to effortlessly edit and enhance their videos, offering a user-friendly interface and a range of creative tools. In addition to its editing and AI avatar generation capabilities, VEED also excels in video transcription, enabling users to transcribe audio to text easily

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