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How to Secure Your WhatsApp Account

how to secure whatsapp account

Last Updated on March 27, 2021 by Muhammad Junaid Khalid


How to secure a WhatsApp account? This question might not come in your mind as it is believed that WhatsApp is the safest app ever developed but that’s not the reality.

Ever since the internet became available to the masses, online messaging has been a simple way to stay in touch. While you might look back fondly on the days of MSN and Yahoo Messenger (RIP), presently WhatsApp ranks among the top popular messaging platforms. You can chat with your loved ones with no trouble.

However, like any other platform, your account can become compromised if you are not cautious. With the app’s connection to your phone number, users are vulnerable to risk.
Fortunately, you can take preventive measures. Here are some valuable tips on how to secure a WhatsApp account!

Two-Step Verification on WhatsApp

This useful security feature can help secure your WhatsApp account and add an extra layer of security. When you turn on two-step verification on WhatsApp, you set a six-digit code. Any attempt to authenticate your phone number on WhatsApp needs this code, and so provides a layer of safekeeping.

To activate two-step verification, open WhatsApp on your phone. Navigate to Settings, tap on Account, select Two-step verification, and tap on the “Enable” button. Type a six-digit PIN, and tap “Next”.

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The app next asks you to enter an email address. In case you forget the previously set PIN, WhatsApp can contact you through email so you do not lose access to your account.

And there you go – you have enabled two-step verification on WhatsApp account! There are options to change your email address or the PIN if you feel the need to do so. Every now and then, WhatsApp will ask request you to type this PIN to help you remember it. You cannot disable this feature without turning off two-step verification.

Other Precautions to Take

Great, so you have two-step verification on WhatsApp. While you can rest easy knowing you have secured your WhatsApp account this way, there are other precautions to take:

Keep it Secret, Keep it Safe

It goes without saying, but do not share your PIN with anyone else no matter how trustworthy they are. If you write down your PIN somewhere, be careful to keep it hidden.

Look out for scams

Another important aspect you should be kept in mind to secure a Whatapp account is to Be aware of scams. Never open links from unknown numbers, and if you receive strange links from a contact avoid opening it in case of a malicious attack. The most common of these scams involve social engineering.

If you receive a random SMS code for verification and a friend asks you to forward it to them, do not send them anything.

There are several other popular scams, and if a message seems suspicious, go ahead and Google it. Chances are someone has blogged about it online. It is also good practice to not upload photographs or other media with identifying information online, especially on public sites.

Avoiding Suspicious Emails

If you get an email you did not request for deactivating two-step verification, do not open it, nor click on any links. Someone untrustworthy could be trying to get your WhatsApp number verified.

Update Your Phone

Developers constantly iron out kinks and fix bugs in the software. Make sure to regularly update WhatsApp so you are safe from potential breaches of security.

Protect Your Phone

Some privacy intrusions can come from people who have physical access to your phone. Set a passcode, fingerprint, or facial recognition to protect your data.

Using Third-Party Apps for Securing WhatsApp

WhatsApp does not provide the option for users to set a password for accessing the app. However, there are third-party apps you can download for this purpose. Be sure to select one that will not sell your data!

WhatsApp Own Privacy Settings

Keep in mind WhatsApp also has its own privacy settings! Head over to Settings, tap on Account and open the Privacy screen to see what you can tinker with.

There are options to limit who and which audience can see your profile picture, your location, “Last seen”, and status. Turn off “Read Receipts” if you prefer.

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