How to Do MacBook Pro Graphics Card Upgrade

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Do you want to learn about MacBook pro graphics card upgrade (or a video card)? It’s easy to do. To upgrade the MacBook pro video card, you need to open your MacBook and do some hardware changes. Be sure to follow these directions carefully to avoid damaging your computer during the graphics card upgrade process.

We will not be responsible for any damage caused by failure to follow the instructions. This is an official procedure to upgrade the MacBook Pro video card from Apple.

How to Do MacBook Pro Graphics Card Upgrade

  • Before we start, you’ll need a Phillips-head screwdriver. First, shut down your Mac Pro and wait at least 10 minutes for it to cool down.
  • For MacBook pro graphics card upgrade, first, you have to open the device. Make sure the Mac Pro is completely cool before you open it. Unplug all external cables except the power cord. Then touch the metal casing to discharge any static electricity before you unplug the power cord.
  • To open your Mac Pro, lift the latch on the top and turn it 90 degrees to the left. Now lift the housing straight up and off the Mac Pro, and set it to the side. Using your Phillips screwdriver, loosen the screws and remove the clamp plate on the left side of the MPX base.
  • Then loosen the screws and remove the clamp plate on the lower-right side of the MPX base, and then slide the PCI retention latch to the right to unlock the MPX base.
  • If you’re replacing an existing MPX module, pull out the MPX eject lever at the bottom of the module to release it from the logic board. Once it’s popped out a little bit, grasp the module firmly and pull it straight out.

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  • To upgrade MacBook pro video card, remove the PCI slot covers from the MPX bay where you’re installing it.
  • Now insert your new MPX module into the bay with a firm, even pressure. When you’re done installing modules, slide the PCI retention latch to the left to lock the MPX base again.
  • Replace the clamp plates on both sides of the MPX base. Be careful not to overtighten and strip the screws.
  • Now you’re ready to replace the Mac Pro housing. Turn the latch 90 degrees to the right and lay it down flat. Now plug the Mac Pro back in, reconnect the cables, and press the Power button to start it up. That’s it! You have successfully upgraded your MacBook pro video card!
  • To make sure your new MPX module is visible, select About This Mac from the Apple menu, and click the tab labeled PCI Cards.

And that’s how you add a new MPX module to your Mac Pro and do a MacBook pro graphics card upgrade. You can also follow this official video for the above-mentioned tutorial:

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