Troubleshooting Guide: Android Phone Keeps Restarting

My android phone is restarting continuously

Having issues with your phone is never fun, especially since we rely on them for everything from communication to entertainment. A particularly worrisome problem is when your Android phone keeps restarting. If this is something that happens infrequently, it points towards a temporary problem. However, if your phone keeps restarting multiple times during use, it reflects a much more serious problem. In this article, we will help you to understand why your android phone randomly restarts.

Why Does Your Phone Keep Restarting?

Following are some of the reasons why your phone keeps restarting:

  • Your phone overheated
  • Software corruption
  • App issues
  • Power ON/OFF button issues
  • Hardware problems

1.      Your Phone Overheated

Sometimes, your Android phone keeps restarting because it is too hot. Most Android phones automatically turn off and reboot when they overheat. Overheating can happen in any number of situations. These include using too many apps and features like the internet and GPS at the same time with the screen on the brightest setting. Maybe you want to play a resource-heavy game, and the phone just isn’t powerful enough for that.


  • Turn off unnecessary background apps from the settings.
  • Use the “lite” version of an app if it is available. You can find the lite versions for popular apps like Facebook, Messenger, Uber, and Twitter.
  • Close any apps you are not using – don’t leave them to run in the background.
  • Contact technical support if still your android phone randomly restarts.
  • Consider replacing your phone with another with greater processing power, especially if you regularly use heavy-duty apps.

2.      Software Corruption

It’s not very common, but sometimes your phone keeps restarting continuously because a corrupted software package messes with your phone. Using a custom ROM for your Android could result in other phone problems as well unless you know what you are doing – you don’t want your phone to get bricked!


  • Installed a custom ROM? Ensure its compatibility with your phone, and download it from a reputable source.
  • If the software corruption is too complicated, consider performing a factory reset. This erases all data from your phone. Depending upon your phone and the Android version, you can find this option tucked away in the settings, in “Backup & reset” under “Personal data”. Back up your data to an SD card before any kind of reset.

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3.      App Issues

When an Android phone keeps restarting, one possible culprit is defective apps. Always install apps from trusted developers, especially when it comes to handling sensitive data like contacts and messaging.


  • Uninstall unnecessary apps, especially if they run in the background like customization apps. Aesthetics matter, but you probably don’t need your phone wallpaper to change every few minutes.
  • Turn off background apps. You can do this by going to Settings > Intelligent power saving – the location of the background apps list may vary for your Android phone. In the list, toggle of or uncheck an app to prevent it from running in the background.
  • Update your apps! In case you avoid updating because of low space issues, first you need to free some storage space. If still you run out of storage space, try to only update the apps you use daily. Visit the Google Play Store and visit “My apps and games”, where you can selectively update your apps.

Still, your android phone randomly restarts? There may be some other issue with it. Move on to read the next possible issue and its solution!

4.      Button Issues

It’s worth taking a look at your phone’s power button. Is it jammed, or worn out? Does your phone have an ill-fitting protective cover that presses it down? Your phone keeps restarting might be due to one of these reasons.


  • If your phone’s protective cover doesn’t fit and causes the physical buttons to press down you can replace it.
  • Give your phone a cursory wipe particularly if it gets messy a lot. Take off its protective cover and clean it from the inside as well.
  • Repair your phone’s ON/OFF button in case it is worn out or damaged.

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5.      Hardware Problems

Hardware issues may be another reason why your android phone randomly restarts.


  • If your phone has a removable battery, check if it is inserted properly. Sometimes, a dropped phone ends up with a loose-fitting battery and you can simply re-adjust it.
  • Check if the gold-colored battery connectors are in good shape, on both the phone and the battery itself. They can bend or wear out like any other hardware.

Ultimately, if it looks like your phone has neither software nor hardware issues and you can’t find why your Android phone keeps restarting, don’t sweat it. Sometimes, you just end up with a defective unit. In this case, get your phone checked by a tech support person, and contact the manufacturer or retailer.

By reading this article, we hope now you know what to do when your Android phone keeps restarting. The cause could be overheating, software corruption, issues with apps or buttons, or hardware problems. If your phone keeps restarting, you can find a solution for it yourself by applying the above solutions and without wasting valuable time and money on a trip to the repair shop.

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