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10 Free Excel Add-Ins That Will Greatly Enhance Your Productivity

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Last Updated on March 27, 2021 by Muhammad Junaid Khalid


Microsoft Excel is a familiar program for most of us. Plenty of people use it for everything from office work to academic assignments. You probably know about add-ins and extensions for browsers, but did you know that you can install add-ins for Excel too? If you are hankering for increased functionality and customization, step into the world of Office add-ins! There are free Excel add-ins that also function in other MS Office programs, while others are native to Excel.

Third-party software developers usually develop these. Plenty of free Excel add-ins are available for download at Microsoft’s Download Center. Others reside either on their sites or filesharing sites. Join us for a journey through the best Excel add-ins!

Microsoft PowerApps Office – Free

This free Excel add-in can help your spreadsheet functionality! Designed for users of Microsoft PowerApps systems, you can read, edit, and analyze data taken from Microsoft PowerApps. It helps port Excel workbooks and documents, sharing them between servers and to customers if so desired.

The app is free, and functions on Excel versions 2016 and up.

Bubbles – Free

Love charts, but begrudge boring ones? Bubbles is the best Excel add-in for you then! Illustrate your data with Bubble charts for fun. Simply select your data and follow the options for the add-in. The add-in presents your data sets as bubbles depending on the numeric values, with realistic distributions. Now you get charts that are cool and useful at the same time!

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Solver – Free

If you work with optimization models in finance, marketing, purchasing or other fields, Solver is the best Excel-add in for you! With Solver, users can work on their models and edit parameters such as resources, costs, and profit. Solving methods like Evolutionary Solver, Simplex LP Solver, and more are available.

This free Excel add-in also offers enhanced versions of its software for large-scale, work-intensive models.

Spreadsheet Cell Conceal – Free

To share, or not to share sensitive data? Undeniably, sometimes you must share sensitive data for data privacy or regulation compliancy. This is where the free Excel add-ins Spreadsheet Cell Conceal comes to the rescue.

Redact or encrypt your spreadsheets with this add-in, and choose which cells stay visible. A password to decrypt the hidden cells adds further to security.

Knoema DataFinder – Free

This is the best Excel Add-in for users that routinely search and work with data from all over the world. Knoema DataFinder helps discover, illustrate, and assimilate pertinent global data and graphs into your spreadsheets. Save time and increase productivity with this free handy add-in!

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If you work with lots of interlinking data, this is one of the best Excel add-ins to visualize it! GIGRAPH automatically illustrates focused associations among several groups, such as those for dependencies or payments.  Simply select your data table, and the add-in takes care of everything, including missing variables, different value formats, and aggregation.

QR4Office – Free

This is a free Excel add-in that generates QR code images to embed them seamlessly in your spreadsheet. Users can customize the size, background, and color of their QR images, and set a level for QR error correction too.

ProjectSheet – Gantt chart – Free

Always running out of time? This is the best Excel add-in for you then! Make a Gantt chart to organize your projects and schedule with this free add-in. Starting with a column sheet for tasks, there is space for editing schedules and enter information on your project or any other task. Then step back and visualize it with a Gantt chart – magic!

Lucidchart Diagrams – Free + Paid

This is one of the best Excel add-ins for inserting any kind of flowchart, mind map, models, etc. into Excel. Easily make descriptive diagrams from templates and shapes, and enhance the look of your spreadsheets! The free version has all basic features but limits the number of documents you can make.

The add-in has pricing plans according to your needs. There are Basic, Pro, and Team plans if you need greater features. The add-in is for Excel 2016 and up.

Stock Connector – Free + Premium versions

If you manage a lot of stock exchange data, Stock Connector is one of the best Excel add-ins for you. With Stock Connector, you can link up stocks and any type of currency to cells in your spreadsheet. It supports all US stocks and ETFs, since the add-in gets its data from IEX., while the FOREX and crypto come from Coinbase.

The free version has all the core features; however, the data presents delays by 15 minutes. With the premium version, you will get real-time data.

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