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How to Export Instagram Followers to Excel

export Instagram followers to excel

Last Updated on March 27, 2021 by Muhammad Junaid Khalid


In this tutorial, we’re going to show you how to export Instagram followers of any account to excel. To do this, you need a chrome extension.

How to Export Instagram Followers to Excel

So the easiest way to do that is to go to Google and search for “Helper Tools for Instagram chrome extension”.

  • On the extension page, click on “Add to chrome”.

Helper tool for instagram.

  • Now here’s a sample Instagram page. Just go ahead and click the helper tools for the Instagram button on the top right corner of the web page.


  • From here, click on the “Followers “option and then click GET LIST OF USERS as shown in the screenshot below. You can also get the list of the people followed by this account by selecting the Following button. Remember, you can only get the list of followers from the account you follow. You are not able to create a list of the private account you do not follow.

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export instagram followers

You can also limit the number of followers that you want o export. In the case where there are millions of followers and you just want a few thousand of them then you can specify the number of followers in the option below.

It takes some time to create the list but in our case, there are only 85 followers so it shouldn’t take too long.

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  • After the list is created, select XLSX which is an excel file format, and click on Export to Excel. This will download an excel file containing the list of followers of the account.

export instagram followers to excel

  • Now open the downloaded excel file. You can see the account IDs, usernames, and full names of all the followers.

instagram followers in excel file

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