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How to Use Automatic Shutdown Feature in Windows 10

schedule auto shutdown in windows 10


Today, we are going to show you how to schedule an automatic shutdown in windows 10. Yes, you can definitely do that on your Windows 10 computer without using third-party tools. But why you have to use such a feature or how it will benefit you?

Let me explain!

For example, if you are downloading a large file, you have to wait by sitting there until it finishes in order to shut down your computer. But, using this way, you can just command your computer to shutdown itself on a specific time and date. By learning this little tip, you can save valuable time. So let me show you how to schedule an automatic shutdown in windows 10 PC.

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  1. How to Use Auto Shutdown Feature in Windows 10

    First, you need to go to your Start menu, type Task scheduler and open the Task scheduler. Now click on the Create Basic Task option on the Actions tab, which will open the Create basic task wizard.

  2. Schedule auto shutdown- task scheduler

  3. Name the task as you prefer for example “Shutdown” and give it a description as well if you really think so.

    automatic shutdown windows- task name

  4. Now hit Next and choose the ‘One-time’ option.

    auto shutdown windows 10- one time

  5. Again hit the Next button and this is where you can set the time and date option for the task to execute itself. So pick a time and date for the shutdown and hit Next.

    schedule auto shutdown- date and time

  6. Now type in shutdown in the Program/Script field, and add the following command to the Add arguments option, which is:

    /s /f /t 0 Now you can hit Next for one last time and click on Finish. schedule automatic shutdown- shutdown


Now we have successfully created a task that will automatically shut down your computer at that particular time which you have selected. So that’s it guys that’s how you can schedule an automatic shutdown on your windows PC.

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