iPhone AppleCare: How to Protect iPhone With AppleCare

Protect iPhone with AppleCare+

Every new iPhone comes with the Apple Limited Warranty just in case there’s an issue with your device. To extend that protection and add coverage for accidental damage, you can purchase iPhone AppleCare.

What is AppleCare Protection for iPhone?

AppleCare protection for iPhone offers extended protection against hardware defects. It provides coverage for accidents that aren’t covered by the warranty, and it lasts longer too.

Get iPhone AppleCare Protection

If you happen to damage your iPhone with liquid or drop it and break the screen, that’s covered by iPhone AppleCare. Repairs are done by Apple-trained experts using genuine Apple parts.

With Express Replacement Service, Apple can even send you a replacement iPhone before you send them your broken one.

You can also choose a plan that covers theft and loss, for extra peace of mind should your iPhone go missing. This is why we strongly recommend AppleCare protection for iPhone.

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If you protect iPhone with AppleCare, you will get both hardware coverage and priority software support. You can get help with your Apple ID or with apps like Photos and Messages. Apple experts are available 24/7 by phone or chat. Just reach out at any time you have a question.

You can purchase AppleCare+ when you buy your new iPhone. And if you didn’t buy it right away, you can add AppleCare protection for iPhone within 60 days.

  • Just open the Settings app on your new iPhone and tap General > About.
  • You can get AppleCare+ for your other devices in the Apple Support app, online at apple.com, or over the phone.

If you want to protect your iPhone with AppleCare, but don’t know whether you’re eligible, visit mysupport.apple.com.

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